Vaping Weed – Finally Solved

Vaping is here to stay and seems like a natural evolution for cannabis consumers. Vaping is better for your health because it eliminates toxins released during combustion and is smoother on the lungs. Because nothing is perfect, there are a few drawbacks to vaping weed direct that prove a barrier to some.With a little ingenuity, you can work around these shortcomings to enjoy a healthier cannabis vape. The solution may be easier than you think. You can turn concentrates into e-liquid easily!

First, we have to outline the problems.

1. Vaping Bud Is Inefficient

Even if you break up your cannabis flower before putting it into your vape, it isn’t as efficient as smoking a concentrate. There is only so much oil in cannabis flower to vaporize in the first place.

A weed concentrate is by nature very potent. It is a processed reduction that is stronger and also slightly different than weed.

For conscientious smokers, concentrates are often a better bang for their buck.

2. Specialized Wax Vape Pens Are Pricey

If you want to buy a wax compatible vape pen, however, you’re in for an investment. These devices aren’t cheap. In fact, most vapes for home and on-the-go require some money up front. This keeps many people from transitioning, especially if they haven’t tried vaping before.

It is also common for wax pens to leak or malfunction. This is particularly true of the lower price point models.

It’s unpleasant and even risky to unknowingly smear wax onto your skin or clothing since the smell is so strong.

3. Liquids Are Best For Vaping

When you vaporize your weed, it’s really the oils in the bud that essentially boil. This releases the active compounds which you then inhale. Keeping with this theme, liquids vape; solids don’t. This is why e-cigarette style pens used to vape nicotine work so well.

The suspension of concentrates into vape juice is the solution to get the benefits of vaping weed in a super-efficient manner. See how easy it is to make discreet vape juice in this video.

4. Pre-Filled Cannabis Cartridges Are Problematic

It may seem like your best choice for vaping cannabis is to reach for a pre-filled cannabis cartridge. If you live in an area with a steady supply, that may appeal to you however the price may not!

Pre-filled cannabis cartridges are costly, they lack strain diversity, they don’t offer a variety of flavors and aren’t compatible with all pens.

What would really be ideal is to load liquified cannabis into an ecig style vape pen. It’s discrete, readily available, affordable, and customizable. After all, it doesn’t seem fair for former cigarette smokers to get all of the flavor variety when they switch to vaping.

5. You Can’t Smoke Cannabis Out Of A Typical Vape Pen… Or Can You?

You absolutely can smoke cannabis concentrates out of a nicotine vape. It only takes one product and a couple of steps to accomplish this. In mere minutes, you’ll have a long-lasting supply of cannabis in your vape.

Wax Liquidizer was born to eliminate the shortcomings of vaping weed. We love to vape and want to have the best experience possible. We’re long term, lifestyle smokers and want to protect our health while we elevate bodies and minds.

That’s why Wax Liquidizer is easy to use, safe, and stable. Simply grab a kit, add a gram of concentrate to 2 mls of your choice of Wax Liquidizer solution, and warm it up. It liquefies on its own.

Then, you load the liquid into your vape and go about your business. Depending on how much you smoke, one gram can last days.


Give Vaping The Easy Way A Try

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