Vaping Wax Simplified

So you have some wax and you want to vape it.  No sense in wasting your wax and getting frustrated trying to make this a reality. You have a couple of options to achieve your goal of vaping wax. Let us show you how to vape wax the easy way!

Option 1 is to load into a vape pen and try your luck. This is not going to be effective as your vape pen is created to vape liquids not solids like wax, budder, and shatter. So you can buy a specialized vape pen called a wax pen to vape your wax. This is an inherently flawed way to vape wax. Turning a solid into a vapor is much tougher than turning a liquid into a vapor.

You can take an in-depth look at the inherently flawed system of wax pens in the article “Wax Pens The Ugly Truth Revealed” this article takes an in-depth look at the science behind vaporizing. If you have read this article you are now looking for a better option to vaping wax. That solution is easy. Make the wax into a liquid and it will vape easily.

Turning wax to e-liquid is an easy task with Wax Liquidizer. You just need a few key ingredients. 1. Wax, 2.Mixing Glass, 3.Heat and 4.Wax Liquidizer. The heat can come in the form of anything from a hot water bath, to a microwave.  Let's take a look at a video and see just how easy it is to turn wax into e-liquid.

You can also see this video Turning Wax to Vape Oil on Vimeo. You can go to our directions page to see how to make wax to oil using the hot water bath method that is another easy option to liquidize wax. Now seeing how easy this process is let's talk about an issue that is a real make or break. Taste…  if the e-liquid taste nasty then you have just wasted your hard earned money you spent on the wax.

Wax Liquidizer has a few characteristics that separate them from the competition. Actually, the fact that your new wax infused e-juice won't separate like a cheap salad dressing is the first trademark of our proprietary blend of liquidizer. The next is the smooth great tasting flavor our products provide. Wax Liquidizer is available in six great tasting flavors including, Grape Ape, Strawberry Cough, Banana OG, Ice Hit, Pineapple Express and Original.

Mixing wax to ejuice is easy with our mix kit that includes a blunt tip syringe that provides the exact measurement of liquidizer to wax providing you a way to make the perfect ratio of liquidizer to wax for your personal enjoyment. Having trouble deciding which great flavor you should try? No problem Wax Liquidizer has a great Wax to e-Liquid starter kit. This includes all six flavors and the e-juice mix kit.

Now that you have a some Vaping Wax 101 information it’s easy to get started vaping wax and creating odorless vape clouds of wax infused e-juice. Just one thing left to do…..