Turning Concentrates to E Liquid has brought the World of Marijuana Concentrates and the World of Vaping Together!

Vaping concentrates is skyrocketing in popularity in part due to the discreet nature of vaping liquid dabs, the health benefits, and the great taste. It's easy to turn concentrates into e-liquid with Wax Liquidizer!

The World of Concentrates

There are a lot of concentrates on the market. Concentrates such as Wax, Shatter, and Budder are some of the most popular. There is also Rosin, BHO, Live Resin, Honey Oil, Crumble and much more. Not only are the consistencies of all these concentrates different they all can be of different quality.

The great thing is liquidizing these concentrates for use in normal vape pens is easy. The video below shows great examples of not only turning different concentrates into vape juice but also addresses the qualities and characteristics of high grade concentrates and lower grade concentrates.

Liquidizing  Concentrates

To see how fast and easy you can liquidize concentrates and be vaping check this great video out. It not only shows how but gives great insight into mixing concentrates and flavors. A Huge Thank You to Ruffhouse Studios for this Video!

Liquid Dabs vs Wax Pens

The distinct advantage of turning concentrates into a vape juice lies in the scientific fact that a liquid will always vaporize better than a solid. Just think of how much energy and effort it is to make steam from an ice cube as compared to making steam from room temperature water.

Turning ice to steam may not seem very difficult however vape pens run on batteries that are small. Microwaves and stoves run on 120 volts or more of AC power. The added energy needed to create enough heat to vaporize solids using small batteries and portable heat elements will never be as efficient as vaporizing liquids.

Turning Concentrate to Vape Juice vs. Buying Cartridges

Many of you may already be familiar with vaping THC through the use of OPens and other Vape pens designed for pre-filled cartridges. So why go to the trouble of making vape juice when you can buy cartridges pre-made.

The number one consideration for many is cost. In our experience, we can turn $100 of Concentrate into about $800 of pre-made cartridges. That being said let's be clear there are a lot of variables:

  • Cost of Concentrates in your area
  • Quality of Concentrate
  • Strength / Lift of Cartridges you make

These variables also touch on some key points. When you mix your own vape juice you can control:

  • Type of Concentrate You Use
  • Quality of Concentrate
  • Strength / Lift of Vape Juice
  • Flavor of Vape Juice
  • Type of Pen / Atomizer You use

Liquid Dabs will work for you in either form. One will require more steps this includes choosing a concentrate, a liquidizer, mixing the vape juice and loading your pen. The other will be a quick purchase of a cartridge and a pen that works with that cartridge at your dispensary. A pretty in and out solution for on the fly liquid dabbing.

Liquid Dabs and Medical Marijuana

The health effects of smoking vs vaporizing are clear. In fact, States such as Florida are proposing that Medical Marijuana may be used either in an edible or vapor form.  The fact that using concentrates decrease a number of carcinogens and tars as compared to the raw plant combined with the healthier delivery of vaporizing the solution at a low temperature provides patients with quick relief in a healthy manner.

Benefits of Liquid Dabs

It’s easy to see with all the benefits of turning concentrates into vape juice why liquid dabs are becoming so popular.

  • Easy to Use - Portable
  • Vape MJ Anywhere - Discreet
  • Great Taste - Multiple Flavors
  • Healthier than Smoking

We invite you to join the Liquid Dab movement. Turn wax into vape juice the easy way with Wax Liquidizer