I Turned $100 of Concentrate Into $800 of Cartridges and You Can Too!

Sure, there are lots of reasons to switch from smoking cannabis buds to getting your THC through a concentrate. We all know concentrates taste better; like superweed. They’re stronger and if you vaporize them, they’re easy on your lungs. Did you also know that switching from smoking but to concentrate could save you money? I turned $100 of concentrate into $800 of cartridges and you can too. Watch just how easy it is to turn wax into vape juice and make cartridges and start vaping concentrates.

Why Are Concentrates More Economical

Because concentrates are more concentrated, you get more bang for your buck in general when compared to smoking bud. Every dab contains more cannabinoids than an equal amount of plant. It’s denser with the very chemical compounds that cause the many effects pot is known for.

In fact, around 95% of the cannabinoids survive during vaping. When you smoke a joint, a mere 12% of present cannabinoids make their way into your system. I’m sure you can see that’s not very efficient at all. Unless shatter or wax is insanely expensive in your area, the numbers are going to work out in favor of vaping.

How To Get Cannabis Concentrate Into Cartridges

Your choices now are to buy cannabis concentrate that is already transformed into ejuice or to easily make your own. The cheapest way to get your shatter, BHO, wax or other concentrate into a form you can vape is to use a liquidizer yourself. You need a doctor when you’re sick and a teacher when you’re young, but you do not need somebody else to mix your THC ejuice for you.

I promise this is not rocket science. Wax Liquidizer is inexpensive and shockingly easy to use.

You’ll Need:

  • A vape pen- any style will do; (no need for high dollar - ineffective wax pens)
  • Cannabis concentrate: BHO, wax, shatter, budder, rosin, PHO, etc.;
  • A shot glass or similar to mix in
  • A syringe to move your THC ejuice into your vape.

Making Your THC eJuice

  • Combine 2ml of Wax Liquidizer with 1 gram of cannabis oil or concentrate to a microwave-safe glass.
  • Heat the mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds or use a double boiler method until you reach an even, smooth consistency.
  • Use the syringe to draw your infused vape juice up and deposit it into the tank of your vape pen.
  • Fire up and get lifted.

That’s How I Turned $100 of Concentrate Into $800 of Cartridges

The savings for me to mix my own cartridges instead of relying on someone else to do it for me was a no brainer. Using Wax Liquidizer is easy enough for anyone to do it.

Depending on what you pay for your concentrate, your results may vary. Under most circumstances, it’s significantly cheaper to mix your own and there’s no reason not to.

The flavor selection with Wax Liquidizer is also attractive to me. There are 6 flavors plus the unflavored original. Strawberry Cough is my favorite, but they’re all great and subtle enough to enhance not overpower the flavor of your concentrate. Turn concentrates into e-liquid and make your cartridges today,