Banana THC E Liquid made with Wax Liquidizer

Recently Wax Liquidizer went to a cannabis vape lounge and had customers try THC e liquid made with Wax Liquidizer. The video above captures the opinions of 2 customers trying THC Vape juice made with Banana Wax Liquidizer.
The vape pen provided with the sample was a simple 510 thread .3ml cartridge with a disposable battery. Nothing fancy or special about the vape system. The THC vape juice was made with a honey oil concentrate and Banana Wax Liquidizer.

The THC vape juice made with Wax Liquidizer can be used in a variety of vape systems. The 510 cartridge pens provide an easy to carry low cost vape utensil. The fact you can turn 1 gram of concentrate into enough THC vape juice to make 6 to 9 of these small .3ml pens will provide you enough savings you may want to investigate a nicer system.

The atomizers with large tanks and adjustable wattage / temperature control allow for truly dialed in experience. The combination of temp control and a larger flow allows users to create huge clouds. There are a ton of different tanks, batteries and coils out there that allows the consumer to create a truly custom look and experience for their vaping experience.

The latest system on the market are pods. These are quick to load and exchange on the system. A quick change of flavors or reload is quick and easy with the pod systems. These systems also offer a sleeker and more stealth system than that of the large tank / atomizer battery rigs.

The video features just one flavor being sampled of THC e juice made with Wax Liquidizer. The fact is you have a truly unlimited personalized experience ahead of you should you choose to start creating your own THC vape juice. The possibilities and combination are quite endless.

You start with a choice of concentrates. Wax, Shatter, Honey Oil, Distillates…. Just to name a few. Now pick out a choice of an Indica or Sativa… and of course what strain of that species do you desire. The strength of the concentrate offers yet another choice.

You have your concentrate now your ready to make your THC vape juice. Choose form great flavors or maybe you want to go with Original and enjoy the straight up taste of the strain of concentrate you chose. You can alter the strength of the vape juice by mixing at 1 to 1 ratio or go for a more mellow blend using 3 ml Wax Liquidizer to 1 gram of concentrate. We suggest starting at a 2 ml to 1-gram ratio to get started.

Turn Concentrates into vape juice with this easy 3 step process.
1. Put 1 gram of concentrate into a microwave proof container.
2. Add 2 ml Wax Liquidizer
3. Heat 10 seconds and stir. That’s it – it really is that simple.

For all of the people who do not like microwaves for endless amounts of reasons have no fear. All you need to accomplish is to get the liquidizer warm and blend in the concentrate. A hot water bath works great. I have watched people mix THC vape juice in a cartridge with a hot air hair dryer and shaking the cartridge.

Now add the THC infused vape juice into the vaping system of your choice and you’re ready to go. Making and enjoying THC vape juice is easy.