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Turn Wax into Oil with Wax Liquidizer

The process of turning wax a solid, into oil a liquid is simple. The introduction of a solvent or “Liquidizer” to the wax or solid is required. The process can be expedited by introducing heat and friction to the 2 components to create the “oil”

Wax Liquidizer has been designed specifically to make this process simple and quick. Using a suggested ratio of 2ml Wax Liquidizer to 1 gram of wax with the addition of heat and stirring provides oil made from wax.

This process can be done with other concentrates that are similar in nature and properties as wax. Concentrates such as shatter, rosin, live resin, budder, distillates, can all be liquidized into an oil using the same ratio of liquidizer and a small amount of heat.

The oil created from this process of liquidizing the concentrates may be referred to by many names. The most common terms for this oil created from wax (or concentrates) are.

  • Hash oil
  • Vape Juice
  • E liquid
  • E juice
  • Vape oil

Regardless of the terms for the concentrate used or the name given the oil created the fact is all of the final products will share the common characteristics of being a liquid infused with THC that can vaporized for consumption using a vape pen, a sub ohm, a pod, a cartridge that is designed to turn a “Vape Oil” into vapor.

The result of the entire process is to turn a wax which is a solid into the final product that is a gas – a vapor. The demand for this process continues to grow. Some of the reasons contributing to the demand to turn wax into oil are as follows.

  • Greater Efficiency and use of the Wax
  • Convenience and Stealth properties of Vaping
  • Health Concerns
  • Ability to control strength and Flavor of Oil

The first reason the demand to turn a wax or concentrate into oil is the process of consumption requires a much lower temperature. Using a temperature of 388f or 200c allows the full spectrum of beneficial qualities that people enjoy in cannabis concentrates to be released without being destroyed by high temperatures.

This includes CBD, CBN, Terpenes and of course THC. At the temperature of 388f all of these components are activated for consumption though a vapor. High temperatures have an adverse effect on terpenes, CBD and CBN thus the amount of these components can be significantly lower when consumed using high temperatures.

Studies show that terpenes do affect mood and sensations associated with the use of cannabis. If using cannabis for medicinal reasons vaping oil at lower temps is clearly advantageous to maximize CBD and CBN intake.

The second reason for the increased interest in turning wax into oil is much less scientific. The simple fact that a vape pen, a vape tank, or a vape pod is easy to carry and provides the most convenient way to consume a cannabis based product that is fast acting is a driving force.

The fact the user need not even need to carry a lighter exemplifies just how convenient vaping is. Now combine that with the fact that if the vape oil was created with a flavored liquidizing agent such as Grape Wax Liquidizer the scent of the clouds produced by these vapors now carries a scented smell. The process of using a flavored liquidizer to turn wax into oil has now created a very stealth manner for uses to enjoy the intake of cannabis infused vape juice.

The third reason we see the growing demand to turn concentrates into vape oil is based on users feeling it is a safer alternative than smoking or dabbing. This belief stems from the logic that demonstrates it takes a higher temperature to create smoke and dabs. Higher temperatures are associated with higher amounts of carbon and carcinogens. People see a low temperature generated vapor being more health friendly than a high temperature smoke or a vapor created with a blow torch.

The last and maybe biggest reason behind the move to turn wax and other concentrates in to vape juice is all about the freedom to create your own custom blend of strength and flavor. This is achieved by varying the strength of wax or concentrate combined with altering the mix ratio used in liquidizing the wax.

The suggested ratio of 2 parts liquidizer to 1 gram of concentrate can be altered anywhere from a 1to1 mix on the strong end to a 3 parts liquidizer to 1 part concentrate on the lower end. This combined with the potency of the THC or CBD being used gives the user a more controlled and custom product than they may be able to buy off the shelf.

This enables those using wax or CBD concentrates for medical purposes to control strength of the infused vape oil. The patients can set their vape pen for pain relief throughout the day and avoid strong psychoactive effects that can be associated with cannabis consumption. The same holds true for recreational users making stronger blends for personal recreation.

Flavor is yet one other aspect that influences people in their decision to turn wax to oil. Concentrates such as wax have a fairly distinct taste. (and smell) The ability to retain this distinct flavor is easy to do by using Wax Liquidizer “Original” this flavorless flavor lets concentrate users keep the flavor of the wax in the vape juice they create.

However like most things in life… people like variety. Vanilla ice cream is great will always be a best seller but chocolate and strawberry aren’t going anywhere. When consumers turn wax into oil they have choices such as Ice Hit a menthol flavor that seems more traditional… does the word Kool come to mind? Other flavors such as Pineapple, Blueberry, Banana and Strawberry give consumers a wide choice of flavors. The act of combining flavors such as strawberry and banana adding wax for a strawberry banana THC infused e juice is just an example of the custom made vape juices Wax Liquidizer customers enjoy.

When you decide to turn your wax into oil we invite you try Wax Liquidizer and see why we are the #1 selling liquidizer in the world today!