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I am going to be filling disposable cartridges in bulk, and I plan on ordering samples of your products for my initial run.  I want to get everything right from the beginning, so I can then order in large quantities from you.

Here are some questions I have:

I plan to use your water bath method for dilution, so what water temperature do you recommend for that?

Should I let the final mix cool before capping the cartridges, or cap immediately?

Do they need to be stored upside down after capping to prevent leakage?

I plan to do a 1 gram to 1.5ml dilution initially, so what size intake for the cartridges do you recommend for this viscosity (i.e.: .9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm)?  And which size for a 1:1 dilution?

Regarding dilution rates, assuming we start with concentrate @ 80% THC, 1:1 would still be 80%, 1:1.5 would be 53%, and 1:2 would be 40%?  Is this correct?  Is there a typical % in the final mix that most people prefer?


Happy Vaper:


I replied to your earlier question regarding hole size and cbd at 1.5 ratio. Unfortunately, it seems to be bouncing around in the server.

The answer is .9 should do well, as far as aperture size.

With regards to the water method; a slow boil if using a receptacle like an appropriate shot glass so as not to splash water over the rim into your mix. A full boil if using something like an appropriate boil-able dropper bottle which you boil for 3 minutes. Always allow Wax Liquidizer to cool before filling.

As to the other new questions; it depends on your cartridges. Could you provide a link to them? I might be able to give a guess but would need a closer inspection unless I have used them myself to fully advise.

Also, if it were me and my new enterprise I would probably test the additional viscosity levels with the different aperture holes personally. In addition, take them apart to see what is inside each. Reason being that every maker of cartridges has slight variances.

Even if 5 of them use "ceramic" coils, some will have the wires embedded and some wrapped around the ceramic. They will have an accordingly different type of gasket, as well.

I had initially thought that anything without cotton would be better. However, if no cotton then they use other things...silicone....glues. At low temps fine but at high? Some have more or less porous ceramics too. Top flow and bottom flow.. wicks made of cotton, rayon, ceramic..different housings of glass, plastic, metal..different mouthpieces even with ivory.

Couple that with varying ohms and battery is a lot to take in and compare with differing concentrates and viscosity levels. The companies and counterfeiters of their products are working overtime, have enormous financial and human resources and are in a constant evolutionary battle with each other. To keep up with pens, pods, batteries, tanks and mods is hard work and costly.

Nonetheless, Wax Liquidizer and I have set out to do just that for you and all customers! We are searching for and testing the current best tech for use with Wax Liquidizer. I have weekly meetings with industry leaders and makers of vape tech and let me tell you it is an extremely fast moving and competitive field. We do this in order to give you exacting answers such as you seek.

As to the best percentages of THC in your final product. Wasn't it CBD? Either way, it really comes down to your business model and what kind of product you hope to bring to market and which customer you are targeting. I wouldn't dare advise on those things.

Your inquisitiveness and accurate questioning gives me an unwavering belief that you too are enterprising and clever! Therefore, I wish you godspeed in your endeavors and please keep checking back with the Happy Vaper blog on for solutions and answers to this ever changing vape game. Check in on my instagram as well. I find a lot of answers to my problems there. Of course it requires a certain amount of curiosity and interest.

Happy Regards,