Best Tank for Wax Liquidizer

Target Mini with Wax Liquidizer Banana OG and Blueberry

Best Tank for Wax Liquidizer

Today we are looking at two sub ohm systems in search of the best tank for Wax Liquidizer. Previously we have found an RDTA the Uwell Fancier for running our e juice with Wax Liquidizer but not everybody has the desire to build a deck. Instead many people prefer the ease of use of the sub ohm tanks with prebuilt coils.  Our winner today was brought to my attention by a Wax Liquidizer customer. It runs Wax Liquidizer e juice perfectly. Thanks Julie!


Premium Jack distillate by Stiiizy

What is distillate?

Distillate is Cannabis concentrate which has had the plant matter/waxes/lipids removed via high temp extraction. This involves heating the concentrate and catching the vapor which has been purged of same.

This is a safer and more effective method as other options include using chemicals, which can leave behind residue or with washes that extract minimal plant matter in comparison.

The reason for wanting to remove the material has been discussed in several of my previous articles. In short; because it frys on the heated atomizer coil and spits the blackened gunk into the main body of e juice causing darkening of appearance and degradation of taste. That is the main reason we search for the best tank for Wax Liquidizer infused e juice i.e to avoid the issues of fried gunk in our e juice!


Distillates and Wax Liquidizer

Spectrum disorder

On the surface it would seem that distillates are the way to go when making e juice since the concern over lipids darkening the juice don't apply but there are other drawbacks.

Even though you can remove most plant material you cannot remove pesticides. Just as you concentrate the marijuana so you do the pesticides, should any be present. Therefore, clean starting material is more important which brings more cost for better quality concentrates.

A side effect of the high temperature is the destruction of terpenes in the Cannabis as well. Most labs these days “reintroduce” terpenes to the distillate later but there is a huge question mark as to whether we actually know how to do so properly. Moreover, are the reintroduced terpenes derived from Cannabis or industrial terps from plants and fruits? Or are they artificially created? It matters. But why that matters, as does the method of extracting the terpenes, is a LONG article...which we'll get to another time;)

Once the unwanted material has been purged the remaining concentrate is very potent in THC. However, as mentioned, the terpene profile has been removed as well. Meaning; your Jack Herer, OG Kush etc is now just THC. Therefore, when your tolerance builds to the THC you cannot shift to a different strain to renew effects easily. Instead, you must either consume more or wait until your tolerance decreases.

With full spectrum a change to a different strain will impart a different profile and offer a bit of a renewed “sensation”. I know, I know; many distillates profess being strain specific after adding the terps back in.

I personally have not found a distillate with the same profile/feel/sensation as the flower or full spectrum version of the concentrate even with terpenes “re-introduced”. At best there is a roughly different variation of the same THC-Distillate-high. Though I admit my personal feels are hardly Scientific and thus urge you to simply keep it in mind when making your Happy Vaper juices.

Speaking of which; Mix your Wax Liquidizer and distillate in the same way as always with one exception. The ratio will now be 1g:1ml rather than the traditional 2ml. You could go to 1.5ml but it’s getting thin at that point. Let's say 1.2ml for using the best tank for Wax Liquidizer.


Vaporesso Target Mini Kit

The Vaporesso Target Mini Kit

The Vaporesso target mini is a 40W temperature control capable mod with a built in 1400mah battery. It has a minimum atomizer resistance of 0.1ohm and a temperature control suite that supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and the cCell Ceramic heating elements. The Target mini has an OLED display, three adjustment buttons and a Micro USB charging port.

The mod itself measures 36.5mm by 24.2mm by 58.1mm (Tiny) and is manufactured out of zinc alloy, with carbon fiber inlay. It comes in a kit with a USB cable, 1 GD-Ccell atty and the 2ml. / 22mm Vaporesso Guardian Tank which is top airflow and comes with and additional mouthpiece for MTL style inhalations. The guardian takes a few types of GD coils. We are interested in the SS .5ohm Ccell coil (though mine measured at .4). The recommended wattage is 20-35W. However, we are setting it to TC SS / 225C. The watts will take care of themselves.


Previously I have found tower coils to be terrible for full spectrum e juice as the plant matter would fry and cause numerous problems. This was mostly due to the poor wicking. And as the fats did not like to climb the tower, the non-wicked/exposed coil would often burn out and take your juice with it. With distillate this is not usually the case.

The mini is tiny and thanks to the airflow and tank design doesn’t leak. It comes with two mouthpieces which can be changed along with the airflow to use either as a Mouth to lung or direct to lung device. Taste is fantastic as it should be with the best tank for Wax Liquidizer.

My cons are that the battery has to be recharged via USB and the connector is a very tight fit. I am concerned about its longevity due to that feature. Moreover, the USB is located on the bottom of the mod so not exactly ideal.

Another bone of contention is the aperture holes, which on the Ccells are fairly high up. That makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get every last drop in the tank. The only solution I have found is to add more:)

Follow all instructions for charging and turning on device then set it to SS at temp 225C. The Watts will adjust automatically.

*Note: When charging the mini remove the tank. The battery heats up during charging and in turn heats the tank. This causes the juice to become very fluid and floods the coil. If this happens to you stick the whole thing in the freezer or somewhere cold before using or juice will spit into your mouth. Once the juice/unit has cooled normal operation can continue as the juice will thicken and no longer flood the atty. Now that I think about it...maybe that's why the USB is on the bottom. They hoped you would remove the tank and avoid the over heating?



Vaporesso Switcher kit with NRG sub ohm tank..and accoutrements

The Vaporesso Switcher with NRG kit

The Vaporesso switcher is another candidate for the best tank for Wax Liquidizer, since it too takes a type of Ccell coil. The Switcher mod is a dual 18650 220W with the Omni Board 2.6 chip that gives great Temp control and even offers a suggested wattage for the detected coil. It is, obviously, a much larger mod than the Target mini measuring at 89mm x 53mm x 31mm.

The Kit comes with USB cable, 1 GT coil and the 5ml / 24.5mm NRG sub ohm tank that boasts 5 different GT coil systems, as well as being compatible with many other brands of coils like Smok, for example. Again, we are interested in a .5ohm Ccell coil; the Vaporesso GT.

We can see a Ceramic atomizer with a SS round wire coil in the center. Both are encased by a thick cotton gasket. The GT Ccell Cores operate at  25-35W according to the branding on the core. Strangely, the box indicates 15W-40W.

The NRG tank with these atty’s offers a surprisingly restricted draw even with air vents fully open. The GT core housings are much shorter than the CCell-GD from the Guardian tank. However, it seems the only difference between the two actual atomizer coils is that the GT has more cotton and is a bit thicker overall.

Left: GT Ccell Right: GD-Ccell



Trouble in paradise

I found the taste on the Switcher to be off from the start. I’m guessing that the big cotton piece is affecting taste but not sure. Or possibly the thicker ceramic core is to blame? Additionally, when the juice became noticeably darker after less than ¼ tank. I opened it up and found this:

Burnt GT Ccell

The cotton gasket and/or coil were black. I tried this atty at the recommended wattage for the coil in TC SS mode at 40W and mixed my e juice at a 1gram distillate:1ml Wax Liquidizer ratio. I figured that maybe due to the thickness of cotton and/or ceramic it was taking longer to wick and overheating.

After it burnt I sucked out the juice with a blunt tip syringe and transferred it to the Target mini to test the same liquid. It worked perfectly but the taste was a little funky. I finished the toasted a boss:)

On top of the flavor, and burnt coil, the setup of the Switcher itself is big and heavy. The size is not very discreet and the draw is restricted so it takes longer to hit, which means more “exposure”.

Being able to use batteries instead of a usb is nice. So I went back to the drawing board and tried a 1gram:1.4ml ratio. Then turned the Wattage down to the lowest setting in SS TC which is 30W.

I have seen others talking about the NRG tank and how it does work with distillate, which is what peaked my curiosity. However, when I returned to their findings I noted they were all talking about 300F and sub temperatures. This is faaar too low to even vape THC at 315-360F+ (most agree it is the higher end) or CBD at 350F+ or any of the other great terpenes. If anything, they may be vaping a little Pinene at 311F. If you have read any of my other posts you know we want 388F-395F. I saw some people saying to use wattage which is a bad idea as it can heat the juice too high. Some were suggesting using 9W only which doesn't even vape the concentrates on this big atty.

1gram:1.5ml Wax Liquidizer. Great wicking not so great taste in NRG

As I was saying; I tried again. This time it wicked flawlessly, as the juice viscosity was so low. However, that same strange taste. Kind of like putting raw distillate on your tongue. Again, I sucked out the juice and loaded it into the Target mini. Tasted like grape! At this point it felt like I was trying to put a square peg in a round hole and my choice was becoming clear.

I will update if I learn anything new with the Switcher and NRG for our needs. But it is still a big chunk of kit and I'm not a fan of the restricted draw. Therefore, it is not the best tank for Wax Liquidizer.


Target mini with remainder of burnt juice from Switcher

The Decision

The Target mini is the winner of our contest, by a longshot, and is thus declared the best tank for Wax Liquidizer!

It is super discreet, doesn’t leak, tastes great, can be either mtl or dtl and gives very nice clouds.

But that’s not all!

The customer who made me aware of the best tank for Wax Liquidizer said it does Full Spectrum juice too O.o?! Without burning? I went into this with no confidence for full spectrum, based on experience, but had to test!

Standard 2ml: 2grams ratio of Wax Liquidizer and Shatter

Yass! It works like a charm!

Color remained clear

The taste stays great, coil doesn't burn and nothing ever leaks. I took it out and about in 98F So Cal weather and not one problem. The cotton was still white at the end of the tank to boot. I have refilled 3 times and coil is still fine ie no gunk. Not sure what makes this Ccell and Kit so special but it is the Cat's Pajamas for Wax Liquidizer with distillate, full spectrum and CBD e juice. These are the reasons it is the best tank for Wax Liquidizer!

Out & about in 98F weather. All good!

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of our quest to find the best tank for Wax Liquidizer! I know I have:)

I’ve got some unreleased tech that looks very interesting on paper. But how will it hold up during testing? Check back soon to find out.