Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) 2018 

Qp design is a Canadian company that has created the Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer for regular, unleaded e juice. Phil, the owner, started vaping 8 years ago and has tried every tank and mod he has come across since but has never found one he truly enjoyed. So he set out to make one for himself and others to do just that.

I applaud his audacity, entrepreneurship and am thankful his company has created such fine hardware and that we too may partake in a fulfilling vape with their trinity of quality products.

The company only started 1 year ago and has already produced the Kali RDA, Juggernaut RTA and Fatality RTA. It is the latter 2 we will be looking at today.


To be clear; we are talking about best RTA for nicotine (recommend 0%:) e juice NOT Wax Liquidizer e juice. For the latter, you can read my other review.


0% Nicotine E Juice (Not for Wax Liquidizer or Concentrates:)

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer For Regular, Unleaded E Juice

To reiterate this review is not for THC infused vape juice you create when you turn concentrates into e-liquid with Wax Liquidizer.

As many of you know, I like to Vape, 0% nicotine, dessert & snack vapes. Not only is it delicious but vaping gives me a chance to try different tech and see how it will behave with and without THC e juice made with Wax Liquidizer.

Additionally, while writing this article I wanted to take the opportunity to answer a question which I am often asked; ‘can I put THC/CBD in my nicotine e juice?’ No, you cannot. It will separate immediately and leave your tank in a sticky, costly mess.

The flavors, which are currently under attack by the FDA and countless organizations funded by big tobacco, are diverse.

Black Fatality atop Project Sub ohm Paranormal DNA 250C & Silver Fatality atop Asmodus Minikin Boost Kodama

There are dessert vapes consisting of everything from pies to cakes, custards, and donuts. Breakfasts that include waffles, pancakes, and muffins. Fruits so ripe and tart with every imaginable, and sometimes unbelievable, combination. Candies, puddings and even cocktails, if that’s your thing. I even saw a pizza juice and a beer juice once. Gives me shivers, but if it makes you a Happy Vaper then vape it!

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Diving Into Vape Juice

Vape juice content is generally shown by a VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) ratio. Though these days some manufacturers of juice are simply listing “Max VG” in an attempt to keep their recipe secret. VG creates more clouds and has a sweeter flavor on it’s own. However, VG itself can mute the sweet flavors added to vape juice.

PG is man-made and provides a throat hit, which is said to be a similar feeling to having a puff on a cigarette. PG is also a much better vehicle for expressing the added flavors, especially sweeter ones.

Some people who have allergies to PG will choose 100% VG juice, which is cloudy indeed. VG has a higher viscosity and therefore wicks much slower. That fact makes it better suited for use in a dripper than an RTA.

Generally, juices are VG70/PG30, which I find to be a good ratio of flavor and clouds without being too harsh on the throat.

Charlie's Chalk Dust: Stumps B (Yum)

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Dessert Vaping For CannaFans

An advantage of vaping regular ejuice, for those of us who like our THC concentrates, is additional discretion when having a 420 vape. I puff some mean clouds of Wax Liquidizer and then follow up with dinner lady lemon tart or some other delectable elixir. Nobody is the wiser.

I have read on forums where people find the flavors help curb cravings for “naughty” food too, including those with types of diabetes and obesity. But the main reason for vaping these delicious flavors, aside from our communal gluttony, is that countless people have been able to give up smoking cigarettes by doing so.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past decade then you are aware how bad those are for you and others around you. I imagine PG/VG and nicotine alone wouldn’t be a great invitation for people looking to make the switch...blech. Therefore, I urge anyone reading this to tell your elected officials to savor the flavor and protect the people’s right to vape!


7 wrap, 3.5mm SS316L Framed Staples (dual @ .085 ohms) in the qp design Fatality

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Coils & Building

There are many types of coils and materials and designs differ.

Material types range from Kanthal, Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel to combinations of same. Inner wires, outer wires and parallel wires. They each have their pros and cons as far as use.

For example, Nickel is a known allergy irritant and Stainless Steel is great for Temperature control while Ni80 has a speedy ramp up time. I prefer SS316L and great temperature control, as you know from my other articles, which prevents dry hits and burning your wick.

More complicated designs like claptons, aliens and staples, to name a few, have more surfaces to vape your juice which give more clouds and flavor. However, more metal usually needs more power.

6 Wrap, 3mm SS316L chain link (dual @ .16ohms) in the qp design Fatality

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Coil Size & Ohms

The main consideration for your coils is the actual size and ohms. Choosing which coils are best for your needs will depend on the size of your tank’s deck and whether it is MTL or DTL. Additionally, whether you use a regulated or unregulated mod, how many batteries and their types are important.

You can choose the fancier coil builds for more clouds, flavor and temp control or just a simple Kanthal round wire for resilient performance in Wattage/Power mode. If you can’t or don’t want to build coils yourself there are a host of companies and individuals making fantastic coils which you simply install.

If you don’t know what you need for your equipment I suggest asking one of them.

Framed staples from in the qp design Fatality

I like Advanced Vape Supply for my SS316 coils and their Boaz RDA (another article:). They will help you find just what you need for your Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.


Boaz RDA from Advanced Vape Supply

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: RTA's vs. RDA's

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers evolved from Rebuildable Drip Atomizers. The main difference being that most RTA's can hold more fluid than the shallower well of most drip atomizers and wick from a main body of juice in an encapsulated tank. This allows for carrying more juice when on the move and makes it less likely that you will spill any while dripping or should your mod fall on its side.

The RDA is generally “dripped” on i.e one adds juice by manually applying it to the wick through the center of the top cap/drip tip. This limits the amount you can puff at one session and necessitates bringing a separate bottle of juice. Nowadays, squonk use has increased to address this shortcoming but that is another article:).

The first RTA, and many today use a “genny” style tank which hangs wicks down from the coil into a tank below and uses capillary action to wick. Since then, there have been many iterations of wicking methods on an RTA’s. You can read about one of my favorite methods in the “Best Tank for THC/CBD E juice” article.

It is a generally accepted fact that all things being equal i.e.mod,  coil type, wattage, batteries and juice that an RDA will be more flavorful than its cloudier RTA counterpart. But with the “Best RTA” that isn’t necessarily true.


qp design Juggernaut atop the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: The Juggernaut

The second generation of greatness from qp design is the Juggernaut. A 24mm, postless, top airflow to coil RTA that comes with a myriad of tanks including a 4ml glass, 4ml Ultem and a 6ml Ultem fat tank. It also has an 810 Ultem drip tip.

The draw is restricted even with the airflow wide open but not to the point that you could take an MTL puff.

Juggernaut with fused claptons and wicked with SWAG cotton

This restricted draw places vapor on your tongue in a way which impacts flavor. Not in a bad way. It just places it in a specific area of the taste buds...without some sort of oral acrobatics. Because of this, I feel it is better suited to certain flavours than others.

I have learned that taste is very subjective and I will not, therefore, suggest which flavors are best. I will say that I personally prefer a cooler vape with this tank due to the airflow and a smaller deck. Thus, I would begin with a juice that you enjoy at lower temps. I currently have a key lime pie in mine, for what it’s worth:)

qp design Juggernaut (L) Fatality (R)


The deck itself is, as mentioned, smaller. Be that as it may, the machining is very nice, and wicking is simple, as with the Fatality. It did receive some good advice to cut the wick above the screws which lets you keep things righteously juicy!

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Watch Those Screws & My Setup Prefs For The Juggernaut

However, it has fragile screws for such a great tank. I have stripped 2 while building with thicker wires. Therefore, I would stick to smaller builds. Though even with smaller builds the screws come in from the sides of the wire which crushes it and puts more resistance against the screw as well as deforming the leg a bit. Not too big of a deal if you are aware and don’t go jamming chains in there and ratcheting down the screws with reckless abandon.

Juggernaut with some fused claptons

Currently, I like a SS316L 3mm, 6 wrap, tri-core fused clapton in it. My next build will be the same but 2.5mm/8wrap since those airflow channels are so long. Small but flavorful! I may have to try a big single something or another as well.

qp design Juggernaut with 6 Wrap, 3mm SS316L Juggernaut coils (Dual @ .15 ohms)

I did get some monster builds in it but was delicate when doing so. Therefore, you can build bigger. Just that it may be a bit much for some tastes. I’m not here to tell you what your tastes are though. So get to building and let me know what you come up with

Fill port on qp design Juggernaut

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: qp Filling, Flavor & Airflow W/ The Juggernaut

The fill port is exposed by lifting a ring placed just below the airflow. Because of the single fill port, it takes a little extra time as you don’t have a second port to vent air out of the tank which can cause it to backflow when filling too quickly.

Flavor is great but better with some flavors over others. I suggest trying with a very sweet vape and a creamier vape to see where your tongue’s taste-barometer lies. Because of its base having a modest diameter of 24mm finding a mod to fit is simple. Though with the fat tank on its midsection grows to a healthy 28mm.

I  enjoy how quiet the airflow is and the Jugger is considerably quieter than the Fatality since big brother has such a large wind tunnel. The restrictive draw is also weirdly very satisfying. I say that because I prefer a more airy, cloudy vape in general. The Juggernaut produces plenty of flavor and vapor. Overall it is a fantastic tank, minus the screws, which I highly recommend!



qp design Fatality atop the Asmodus Minikin Boost Kodama

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: The qp design Fatality

The latest and greatest offering by qp design is the 28mm finishing move monster named, appropriately, the Fatality. This RTA boasts an array of tanks including a 2ml glass, 4ml glass, 4ml Ultem, 6ml Ultem bubble and two 810 drip tips.

The Fatality comes with the 4ml glass installed via a chimney extension. It has a monster size postless deck with upgraded screws over the Juggernaut. Still, I have had better.

Fatality waiting for juice

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Fatality Build

I’ve been able to stuff a dual 3.5mm, 7 wrap framed staple build in this tank (.085ohms), which made it as close to an RDA as I have seen from an RTA. #CloudsBroClouds and #Flavorchaser to the max.

The build was a bit tight so I’m doing another with dual 4mm, 6 wrap coils which will fit like a glove and ohm the same. I will continue to explore the possibilities of this deck and allowable builds. Follow my IG for pics. Speaking of possibilities.

Fatality airflow. Bottom ring controls center flow and top controls the sides

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Fatality Airflow, Wicking & Filling

The Airflow of the qp design Fatality is comprised of 4 ports with 2 being for the side flow and 2 being for the cavernous tunnel leading through the heart of the beast. Using the two control rings you can close one set off completely and get a different flavor profile than when opening both halfway or one a ¼ way. Close them down for more restriction or open them up to fan the flames of the hellish builds you will surely fit in this RTA. I find the very configurable airflow allows for dealing with vape tongue on the fly.

There are also 2 adjustable juice ports which allow you to control how fast the coil wicks. Helpful when the temps of your juice go up and viscosity goes down, which can lead to spitting, molten lava etc.

Tank with juice separated from base with coils. Not a drop spilled.

The juice ports also allow you to close off the juice in the tank so you can remove the coils and wicks without emptying the juice, which makes us all Happy Vapers. When doing so there is no need to close the air-vents. Closing the juice ports keeps it from leaking, which is the same for removing the top-cap to fill.


Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Fatality Coil Replacement

It does take a moment to get used to as the system for removing the coils or top cap from the tank relies on lining up little notches on each to separate. I would have liked a little more pronounced knurling on the airflow rings for an easier grip but it's decent enough.

I’ve seen many reviewers bemoan the top cap and notch system as an “If it ain’t broke” situation, but I personally love it. I have an Alfa Romeo Giulietta I keep in Europe that has many little quirks which give it character. It was the same for a 67 Mustang I owned. I hate clones and copies.

I want something special with personality that works. Why does the top cap and juice port spin in either direction? Customization! Which way feels better for you?

Monster deck of possibilities

Adjusting the Airflows and 2 juice ports along with the endless builds is like a never-ending Rubik's cube that you can customize to your ever-changing tastes.

Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: Fatality Or Juggernaut, The Verdict

If you like a restricted and lower temp vape then the Juggernaut will absolutely not disappoint. They put extra screws in there ;) In fact, I would say that the Juggernaut has better flavor and clouds with a restricted draw than the Fatality, as the latter’s oven is so much larger and airy.

I have 2 Fatalities, at the moment, but still keep a full Jugger with flavors that suit the tank alongside. I puff on them both throughout the day.

However, if you could only choose one ... I would easily recommend the Fatality, as it offers so many possibilities and with the right build rivals the cloudiest and tastiest of RDA’s. Therefore, I crown the qp design Fatality “Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) 2018”!

The Money god approves this message, Aloha!

Now choose a mod that fits it, preferably one that can fire down to .08ohms!

*BTW: Check The Preorder!

There will never be another batch of Stainless steel or Black Fatalities. There is currently a pre-order of Gold, NeoChrome, and Gunmetal @ until July 7th 2018 and then they begin manufacturing.

Once pre-order is done, it is a crapshoot as to whether they will have extra on their site. I got my SS from them but the Black one from

When I tried the first Fatality I had to have another but they were sold out. Right after I bought the second they sold out everywhere in the US and Canada. I saw one or two in France:)

There is also a presale on Gold and Gunmetal Juggernauts but who knows for how much longer.

P.S. None of the materials were provided. My review is my own, honest and legit AF!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program of full spectrum THC e juice made with Wax Liquidizer:

We’ve got some new pod systems coming up next! Our last two were not enough for those of us with a larger appetite so we continued. We have some tech especially made for Wax Liquidizer and later we’ll take a look at RDA’s and what we can do with those.