Let me start by saying that the Revvo has the same problems with the wick and coil that they all have. It is made of cotton and currently only has a kanthal wire (though I am told SS316L is incoming). And thus, may eventually burn, if one is not careful.

It is best to pulse the button during inhalation to keep it from getting too hot. I have not yet burnt one, accidentally, and I have been hard on them...in the name of Science. Best temps are between 30w and 37w. My sweet spot is 35.6w. You can go higher, which produces even bigger and thicker clouds but taste degrades and risk of burning increases.

I did however take it to 70 watts, again in the name of Science. Don't do that! The amount of vapor literally gave me a drowning sensation. I spent what seemed like minutes coughing and chugging my smoke stack around the kitchen. The taste was, as you'd expect, a bit burnt. The powerful hit did put an end to the evenings production of this review...and I have a high tolerance..no pun!

Where the Revvo differs from every other coil is that it is suspended above the mix. That is, it is NOT in or touching the main body of the mix. It is revolutionary in that regard.

In the event you do burn the coil. Simply remove it and drop in a new one. Your mix is still golden. If you burnt the coil then you also Vaped it dry..so no loss of your costly concentrate, which makes us Happy.

It should be noted that your coil/wick will darken over time without burning, however. This is due to the live kanthal wire decarbing the already wicked mix which is then trapped in the cotton.

Normally this also darkens your mix. But, again, because it is suspended above there is no problem - unless you are firing in the horizontal position. This is normal for all vaping whether nicotine juice or ours. Check /r/CoilGore on Reddit for a plethora of examples.

You may find the taste less awesome, in which case you be can put in another coil. I sometimes take a bit of paper towel and lightly wipe the dark juice from the top of the coil to clean up flavour without having to change. It is your choice but not necessary, as the tank will remain clear, even if slightly darker, until the last drop. Additionally, when adding to the tank go ahead and wipe the inner top cap. Moisture, and juice from spitting, collect in it as part of the design.

Speaking of juice. I have found a 1g to 3ml ratio (=3.80mls) to be best. This is plenty strong enough as you are only limited by quality of concentrate and lung capacity. One of my favourite features of Wax Liquidizer is that it allows me to mix and match my terpene profiles. I can whip up an energizing Sativa tank to get things done or a nice pain killing couch-lock sedation.


1. Unscrew top chamber from base and set the base on top of the drip tip, to give a more stable surface. You can unscrew the mounting screw as well, if wanted. It makes it easier to press down the fill funnel, if like me, you have thicker fingers.

2. Press down the spring loaded fill funnel with one hand/finger and keep it depressed. At the same time use the other hand to inject your mix with a blunt tip syringe, which can be found in the Wax Liquidizer store. Only just insert the tip of syringe a little ie 2mm or so. If you place it all the way down against the bottom, the mix will overflow the funnel, as the ports in the bottom of the fill tube will be blocked.

Fill with half of your mix. I have found this to be the best way of maintaining maximum flavor as you simply add the other half when the level gets low, which “freshens” the flavor up. Moreover, the top level of the concentrate is even further below the coil. Even though the coil is not in the mix I find the warmth of any tank will eventually denature the flavor slightly. After adding, depress the now empty syringe plunger once more into the fill funnel. The air will blow any remaining concentrate out of the funnel and into the tank.

3. Reassemble the tank, close the air vents and turn the tank upside down for 2 minutes in order to wick the tank for the first time.

4. Attach tank to your mod, hopefully you have the Skystar. If so, set it to (soft). If not, any regulated MOD will do and set the Wattage to 30w. Open air vents halfway. Take a drag. The first is dry, as the coil/wick must “season”. The tank and coil are now warm so flip it again for a second. Turn it up to 33w and take another puff. Still a little dry but flavor is coming through more. Turn it upside down to coat the wick in warm Wax Liquidizer mix for another second. Turn it up to 35.5w and take a nice looong drag, while pulsing for heat. Now we're cooking! From here on the flavor and clouds get better and bigger as the wicking progresses and the coil seasons.

*Note: The above is not a must. You could go right to 35.5 and by the third pull it will be good. I just like to err on the side of caution and break in/ properly wick the whole ensemble before riding it hard.

5. If you are sharing or are somehow able to take 5-6 hyooge drags in a row and are still standing (very serious) flip the tank over for a second or two to wick. Otherwise it “magically” wicks itself.

Most people will tip it a little while taking a drag, which wicks even better and gives a juicy puff. However, I advise against this method as it now puts the whole mix in contact with the live coil...which at minimum leads to discoloration. Best is just to flip it for a second or two every now and then, when not firing.

*Note: This is where I was going to put a short video demonstrating the cloud-possibilities, but alas. Every shot had a problem. I would get 3-4 shots (made for tv puffs) and had to end production! Feel free to send some of yours!

6. Safety: When not in use close air vents and put on the provided silicone cap. This will keep your mix tastier, prevent environmental debris falling on the coil and it is a good habit for travel. If the tank lays on it's side or upside down too long the mix will, eventually, leak through the top. This will flood your coil, which can be a lot of fun but messy and costly.

Also note that after the coil has been in use for a while, then cooled and used again it may “spit”. A common problem among all tanks whether nicotine e juice or ours. You can avoid this, once it starts happening, by pulsing for a second before taking the first puff until the “pop”. However, I am working on a fix for everyone as I like perfection.

As stated, this is the ONLY big sub ohm tank that will run a Wax Liquidizer and concentrates mix reliably...for now...in this price range.

I have more projects in the works which I have high hopes will yield results for the DIY crowd, the MTL pen crowd and those who want to have several mls of Wax Liquidizer in their tanks without having to reload...enough for the whole class.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Happy Vaper