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Control your Temper..ature & Read the Whole Article!

Note: !!!!!DO NOT BUY!!!!!I leave this article as a reminder to be careful when assuming a device works and telling others about it. It leaks whether I use Cannabis e juice or nicotine e juice. I have had 3 new boxes and they all leaked. The juice box is a bad idea/design.

There were studies using e-liquids and tested with a pen style battery that had a 2.4 ohm clearomizer attached. The battery was a variable voltage of 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8. Carbonyl levels in the vapor were low at 3.2 and 4.0, but much higher at 4.8. The main cause was dry and burnt wicks. You know..the harsh taste?

Temperature control technology is a way of limiting the temperature of the coils, thereby sparing the wicks, various liquids and to some degree “foolproofing” from overheating. Thus increasing our Happiness and preventing loss of temper at the loss of concentrate. Does that make sense?

On a finer level you are able to dial in more flavor and/or more/less clouds. My suggested settings for this device are a sweet spot of both and take into consideration coil/concentrate-life, taste and best options for Vaping terpenes. There are additional reasons one might want temperature control and I urge you to be curious and seek out more information on the subject.

Terpenes and flavor

As always I am first and foremost a customer who wants to enjoy his Wax Liquidizer in a way that fits my taste and style of inhalation i.e. DTL (direct to lung). I know I previously mentioned mixing and matching your terpene profiles for meeting individual preferences and need. But let’s take a closer look.

If you desire couch lock or relief from muscle pain and inflammation it is often an Indica with its accompanying high Myrcene content you want. Anything with over .5% Myrcene is an Indica and we can feel pretty sure about its sedative effects. Myrcene has a clove’ish earthy flavor. There are others such as terpinolene, linalool, pulegone and nerolidol that have similar effects. However, it is Myrcene which helps THC move across the blood brain barrier quickly...leading to sedation. Sativa strains are less understood, aside from having less Myrcene. Sativas are also often said to contain more energetic and mood lifting terpenes like alpha-pinene, beta-pinene and limonene..which have a pine and citrus taste and smell, respectively. But we don’t 100% fully understand how all cannabinoids work, yet. Unfortunately, there is no exacting recipe book for your needs. So learn to listen to your own “feels”.

I do not do well with Durban Poison, even though many do, for some me the heebie jeebies lol. So I avoid that. The only thing I know is different about Durban is that it has 5-10 times more THC-V than most other strains. That’s okay because our Temp control stays well under it’s 428F boiling point.  Jack Herer, however, is a friend indeed. Green crack is also great for my creativity and has a citrusy side to it. The flavor and awesome accompanying effects are from the terpenes.

Another source of flavor, in our mix, is Wax Liquidizer. I was reading comments on and saw someone reference how they like to mix flavors?! OMG! It hadn’t even occurred to me. This was a must for the next test and people...I HIGHLY recommend. Strawberry Banana? Yes, please!

I went with 3ml Strawberry Cough & 3ml Banana OG paired with 1g Quality Concentrates Dosi Dos and 1g of Nug Run Sour Diesel shatters, which I sourced from our  good friends at HERB.Delivery

The flavor is crazy good. It reminds me, embarrassingly, of that yummy banana baby food know which one;) Gave me almost 8mls of delicious golden elixir. Now I needed the tools to vape it.

The Asmodus Spruzza & Vandy Vape Maze

You may recall my last article on the Revvo, which had an Arc Coil. As I pointed out, the coil was suspended above the main body of mix and thus kept it safe incase the cotton wick burned from riding the Kanthal wire and dry hitting. As such, it wasn’t perfect so we continued research and testing.

In keeping with separating the main body of concentrate it only made sense to get a Squonker. A Squonker is a mod with a built in reservoir, usually a bottle, for holding e juice. The reservoir can then be “Squonked” into the atomizer. I pored through forums, makers and whispers to find one with good temperature control. My searches led me to Asmodus, which is a well known and reputable American company here in the lovely city of Angels. The Spruzza had a great TC chip and an innovative juice box instead of the traditional bottle. I would learn an unexpected lesson from the juice box.



When I found the combo of the Spruzza and Maze I was ecstatic. Clouds were big and dense, more so than the Revvo, and flavor was on point. I wanted to run right out and tell the world. However, most of the money I have personally wasted on chasing the best tank for Wax Liquidizer came from legends and tall tales on the net. If I ever followed up with someone who had found “the” tank it always ended in disappointment ie in short order their tank failed. Sometimes they began chasing other legends. I finally decided to get more methodical with what seemed to work vs what did not and stopped chasing and reporting rumours.

After being with the Spruzza for a few leaked from the top of the siphon sleeve.



While troubleshooting with Arthur, head of tech at Asmodus, we discovered that an o-ring in the top of the siphon was split. He (very graciously) sent out a couple of new juice boxes. I tried both and they both leaked. I contacted Asmodus again. Ralph, a most awesome help and who has been working closely with me to get this box done right for us, sent another Spruzza and some extra juice boxes. Again leaks. If I had told everyone to buy this and they had all these leaks…? I had almost given up as I just wasn’t sure what was going on. Certainly it was related to the Juice box, because I had no problems with a more traditional bottle, but wasn’t sure how.



The brainstorming session continued with Arthur at Asmodus and then I saw it. Call it observational Science. After Squonking I noticed tiny little bubbles almost like carbonation in the juice. The Juice Box is pressurized by squonking the smart siphon. I wondered if maybe, and I’m no chemist, there could be off gassing of sorts from the concentrate and Wax Liquidizer interacting in suspension. It was late so I sent my observations to Ralph and tried to sleep, which was difficult because I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I wondered if somehow venting the box might help.

The "Fix"

I called Ralph the next morning and the first thing he said was “Maybe we could release the pressure by poking a tiny hole in the juice box with a hot needle”. LOL, great minds! That was 5 days ago and not a drop of a leak since. .great job team! I now give this setup 2 thumbs and without further adieu let’s get this party started. * Be sure to read the whole article before purchase.

First, pay no attention to the instruction tag hanging on the juice box. Throw it away. Now, gently remove the juice box by pressing down on the lever (to make it shorter), pull out a little and with thumb and middle finger grab the based of juice box, while keeping lever depressed with forefinger, then pull out and down. Take care not to bend the white tube at too extreme an angle, lest it dislodge from the squonk pin.



Grasp a sewing, not knitting, needle in the tip of a pair of pliers. Heat the needle then slowly begin melting a tiny hole in the top left corner, closest to the door. You will have to repeat the heating/melting process a few patient and steady. We want one pin-hole only. Now return the juice box to the Mod in the same fashion as you removed ie depress lever and take care with the angle. Additionally, try to guide the white tube into the exact center of the siphon sleeve rather than scraping it along the sleeve-wall. In other words try not to let the white tube grab the upper O-ring housed in the sleeve and push it into the shaft or cut it.


Once the juice box is replaced lay the mod down on its “back” and open the door by sliding it up just enough to fill. The lever will prevent opening too far. Fill the juice box and close the door tightly. Now attach the Maze. You have 2 options at this point. If you want to carry more than the 4ml juice box holds you can unscrew the Maze coil and put some extra in the reservoir below.  However, do not cover the squonk holes. We don’t want extra going back down into the full box. If not, leave it be. Now saturate the Maze coil. Add slowly until it no longer absorbs. Then replace the top cap.



If you did not opt to pre fill the reservoir go ahead and squonk, slowly, and allow the lever to return to starting position each time. The tiny hole now allows pressure to escape which is good for our concentrate but it also effects the pressurization of the Smart Siphon System, minimally. I have noticed that it does take a millisecond longer for the lever to return to start. It needs to return to start to build pressure for the next Squonk. We have modified a cloud-monster. It is now a “Franken Mod” so needs a little extra care! Therefore, always let the lever return to start before your next squonk or it simply won’t squonk until you do.

I fought to make this work with our mix. If the hot needle didn’t work I was going down to Asmodus and Arthur and I were going to try and fit a regular bottle, which can be purchased on into the hole. It was so important to get this chip.

Pros and Cons

I tried a few other Squonk mods and they were not even remotely able to reproduce the performance of the Spruzza, neither in cloud production nor taste. Additionally, even those that had good TC had terrible layouts of the mod’s innards. Take, for example, my leak. Most of the mods with good TC have the bottle right next to the battery with nothing in between?! I’m not sure I want my Terpenes and solvents floating around my lithium battery. The Spruzza could have leaked the whole juice box and the top reservoir and nothing would have touched the battery due to the design. Safety first!

One con of the Maze is that you cannot see how much is in the reservoir without removing the coil. You will, however, get a feel for how wicked your coil is. If draw is tighter and juicier with dense clouds it is saturated. If clouds are thinner, draw is more open and taste is poorer it is too dry. Somewhere between is the sweet spot. You will quickly find it. With this set up you can fire in the horizontal position which helps give cloudy and juicy drags every time. That is possible because of the awesome Temperature Control.

A plus to the Maze, aside from TC, I found is that the top cap is much better at dealing with Spit Back than the Revvo. I fire the button every time before taking a drag off my Revvo, yes I still use it, to avoid that hot POP! The Vandy is more crackling than spitting when it does happen. That has to do with the even and consistent Temperature control of the Spruzza as well as a better top cap. Be sure to clean your inner top cap every so often though. Also get in the habit of lubing your O rings, when you do remove the cap, with a little coconut oil or run a finger across your shiny Happy face and use “your” oil….too much?

Temp Control

Now it is time to set up that killer chip! Swipe down once to unlock. Then swipe left or right until you find Temp. Long press Temp button, until you see coil materials. Select SS316. Press fire to confirm. Now long press W. Set W to 48, press fire. Tap W again, which changes it to F. Long press F and Set Temp to 388F, then press fire. You are now ready to rock! Dial up the Watts to 50 for more clouds and crank up the heat to 395 for a bit more but I would say those are the best thresholds for our mix. You can wick in the same way as the Revvo i.e flip over for a second or two or you can fire this one in the horizontal position, thanks to the Temperature control. Whichever method you choose be sure to keep to squonk lever towards the sky...don’t forget about the pin-hole.



 After the 6th day of leak free happiness this article was watermarked, formatted and ready to publish by the graphics department in its entirety. I had been locked out of editing and it was ready to go.

And on the 7th leaked.

I was horrified. All this time, money, effort and the “sure” feeling I had failed to yield the results we hoped for. I told Wax Liquidizer and called Asmodus with the bad news. Further to my previously mentioned intent, I travelled to Asmodus to fix. In short, not possible. We discovered that where the Squonk/510 pin meet is metal on metal. Normally this doesn’t affect Nic E-juice. However, our juice is different in viscosity and behaviour. Both conspire to very, very, very slowly leak the mix from in between the two surfaces and down the squonk tube.

So, Asmodus will take all we learned into consideration going forward with designs. I have high hopes that they will eventually make “our” Squonker!  Ralph and I came up with some possible alternatives in the meantime and I have to say they are very promising as well.

I have something special from them which has not yet been released as it is still in R&D. Be that as it may, I have the prototype in hand and will begin my own brand of special R&D post haste!

I will point out again that the chip is awesome and the Spruzza does its intended job with normal ejuice wonderfully, without leaking. For those that don’t know I enjoy 0% (without nicotine) vapes all day and recommend if you haven’t tried! I love Stumps B and many of the Naked 100 flavors.

Our friends at Asmodus have offered us a 15% off discount for the Spruzza! Just enter happy15 for any Spruzza from 4/20-5/20



For any problems or questions get in touch with Ralph at Asmodus. Especially, if you decide to go with the setup anyways. What? Yes, some people will still want to take this to the party. It took 6 days for it to leak a detectable amount after the “fix”. Therefore, one can fill’er up, go to the party and then empty it out, if any is still left, after the party. Not ideal to be sure but I am here to offer options for consumption...not storage;)


Don’t think this is the end. I’ve got pens, pods, DIY builds and Hybrid builds coming up, including more fascinating temp-control tech mods, tanks for normal ejuice and some 0% vapes. I’m also not done with this Vandy Vape Maze stay tuned!


As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions drop me a line here, by mail or follow me on Instagram/Twitter!

Happy Regards,

Happy Vaper