3 Incredible Reasons To Make Your Own THC E Juice

We've certainly talked a lot about the advantages to making your own THC e juice but the positive feedback just keeps rolling in. We're thrilled so many of you love Wax Liquidizer! For anyone who still hasn't tried it, we have another video to share along with our favorite reasons to make the switch.

First, check out what these influencers and regular vapers had to say when they tried Wax Liquidizer. We caught up with them at a local vape lounge in Denver, Colorado. We had some carts already mixed up and ready to go, full of delicious Pineapple Express and a high-quality concentrate.

The devices these vapers were using were just simple disposable carts on 510 threaded batteries. You may experience even better results with a higher quality mod!

Make Your Own THC E Juice Reason #1: Flavor

With Wax Liquidizer, flavor is the name of the game. Our made in the USA mixing solution comes in six flavors. Each is subtle enough to let you taste your concentrate to the fullest. It adds a gentle addition of a tasty enhancement that helps you keep your activities on the down-low, as well.

In the video, you can see the vapers enjoying the subtle pineapple taste with their vape. We love when they say it hits hard but smooth! Thanks, guys!

With each exhale, you allow just a little of the fragrance of the flavor help mask any slight concentrate odor in the vapor.

If you are a purist who wants nothing but the taste of their favorite concentrate, just pick up our blank flavor called Wax Liquidizer Original.

Make Your Own THC E Juice Reason #2: The Savings

The incredible savings may be the biggest reason people flock to Wax Liquidizer for their own THC vape juice creation. Using pre-filled cartridges seems easy at first, but quickly gets expensive. There's only .5 ml of juice in them and only some of that is actually concentrate.

That's right, those carts use the same kind of solution to thin their mix as you can.

You're probably paying around $65 for your pre-filled carts. By spending a few seconds in your kitchen with Wax Liquidizer, you end up with six times the number of carts.

One gram of wax turns into 3 ml of THC vape juice by adding 2 ml of our solution.

Those types of numbers can save regular vapers a significant amount of money!

Make Your Own THC E Juice Reason #3: Customization

Pre-filled carts are heavy on the cost and light on the customization. You have very little control at all. Here are 6 of the top problems with vaping pre-filled carts. By the way, we can solve them all.

  1. You do not truly know what is inside the carts.
  2. The vape and carts batteries are inexpensive, disposable, and many perform poorly.
  3. Longtime vapers quickly graduate from these simple setups and long for something that hits harder and offers more options.
  4. Most compatible batteries don't allow temperature control.
  5. You cannot choose from a broad range of flavors when selecting your pre-filled carts.
  6. There's no chance to get your favorite concentrate into your vape.

By mixing up a batch of your own THC vape juice with WL, you have complete control over your system including the capability to select a mod that offers temperature control. You are able to really dial the potency of your vape up or even down with ease. To do this, just adjust the recommended ratio of 2:1 to 3:1 for a gentler mix or 1:1 for a stronger mix.

Just remember, your tank and battery have to be suited to thicker mixes to make your solution stronger. Some disposables and pods can handle this, no problem. However, sub-ohms are a sure-thing. Going the other way is never a problem.

This kind of dosing control is important to CBD users, too.

Make Your Own THC E Juice: Learn How To Vape Your Own

For full instructions on more than one way to easily mix Wax Liquidizer with your favorite concentrates, check out the tutorials here on our page. Then, place an order and see what all the fuss is about!